Goals for 2015

It’s about time that I lay out my goals for the year.  These have been loosely floating around in the back of my head, but I suppose it’s good to get them recorded so that I can measure against them.

First, financial goals:

  • Reduce overall outstanding debt (including mortgage) by 10%.
  • Make contributions to investments (taxable and retirement) of 10% of salary.
  • Eliminate any monthly interest payments due to credit cards.

Now, maybe that seems like I’m going easy on myself.  I know there are a lot of of hard-core bloggers out there that would be more aggressive.  That brings me to the goals for the blog:

  • Highlight the story of a mid-career guy that has spent the last 20 years “doing it wrong”.
  • Catalog the steps I take to get out of the situation with a wife and two children in tow.
  • Maintain everyone’s mental health while achieving a canoe dock state of being.

There is a lot of content out there for young folks just starting out and what they should do to avoid the traps and become financially free.  There is equally as much, if not more, content for folks that are getting close to a traditional retirement.  But what about those of us that are stuck in the middle?  That’s what I hope to discover.