The What?

CanoeDock.com is a place for me to write about my life’s journey and the things that are relevant at the time.  Currently, I’m most focused on our family financial transformation.  As we make progress there, I hope to be able to write more about recreational activities, professional interests, and societal topics.

The Who?

It’s not just a great band, it’s me.  If the term Renaissance man ever applied to someone, I suppose it might be me.  I’d rather not be defined by my job title but instead be known for the things I accomplish.  One could call me an outdoorsy, horticultural, financially inquisitive, market amateur, computer nerdy husband and father of two.  More or less.

The Goals?

For the most part, I just want to record and share my story.  If I can help a few people out of the same situation in which I found myself (or help them avoid it) then I will feel pretty good.

Let’s see if we can all leave the world a little better than we found it.  Right?