Getting Organized

I wasn’t completely disorganized in my financial life, but I knew we could do better.  This is an area where I’m always challenged.

Several years back, a friend had recommended Mint.  Setup was easy and linking my accounts worked pretty well.  This gave us a general view of things and I set up a budget and some goals for paying off debts.  It was nice for a while, but I never really felt like it made an impact on our behavior.  There wasn’t a clearly visible trend-line for me to track and the budget became more of a suggestion than a hard rule.  Oops, we went over on groceries again!

Last Fall, I decided to try out Personal Capital.  Again, setup was easy and most of the accounts worked*.  This had exactly what I wanted.  Net Worth and Cash Flow graphs are right there on the home screen.  I now had a better graphical representation of how things are changing over time.  This suits the way my brain works.

In my next post I want to talk about learning to understand cash flow and how i’m adding that to my view of our financial health.




*There is an issue with Associated Credit Union 2-factor that makes me re-authenticate every time but PC is aware of the problem and stated that it will take a code update on their part to fix