Down Time

Challenge Behind / Challenge Ahead

The past three weeks have been a bit more challenging and slightly stressful on the full-time job front.  Accelerated schedules, scope creep, and incorrect assumptions about readiness of key systems are the highlights.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m well compensated for what I do and this is part of the job, but I need some down time soon to re-balance and decompress.

The good news is that the holidays are coming and that will lead to some time off to spend with family and friends.  Unfortunately, I’ve got several weeks of travel upcoming as well.  I don’t mind the travel, but I don’t really get to enjoy the places I go since I’m working.

One of the tings I look forward to most about achieving financial freedom would be spending my time on pursuits of my choice instead of the pursuits of the company which employs me.  That work is intellectually and financially rewarding, but it’s not always deeply satisfying on the canoe dock level.

Other Pursuits

There are several things I enjoy in life when I get the opportunity.  You will probably see posts about some of these topics from time to time.  I don’t want to be all business around here.

If you read the intro post to the blog (I should do an About Me page…), then you may have realized that I enjoy the outdoors.  My family and I try to get out and go hiking often when the weather permits (and sometimes when it doesn’t).  Finding new places to explore is always exciting.  Some day we hope to complete the Appalachian Trail even if we have to do it in sections.

I also have a somewhat green thumb and try to do a garden every year.  I think one of next year’s goals will be to increase the size of the garden and can as much produce as we can for the off season.  Along with the garden, I have also been dabbling in cultivating bonsai trees.  It’s a fascinating hobby that I’ve started to take a bit more seriously in the past couple of years.  One of these days I hope to have a few specimen worthy of showing.

Finally, I am a hobby brewer and certified beer judge.  Brewing quality beer at home and being able to explore the wide variety of styles available has gone from hobby to serious passion for me.  My garage looks like a miniature production brewery.  Friends and family don’t seem to mind the by-product either.  Since our second child was born, I haven’t had as much time for this.  There will be more time as he gets a little more self-sufficient.

Lazy Sunday

Today, however, has been a lay around the house day.  The weather is dreary and drippy.  We went to a friend’s wedding last night and some of us are moving a bit slow this morning.  The children have watched entirely too much Netflix, but sometimes that’s just how it goes.

I’d love it if the sun would peek out and we could get out for a stroll.



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