Quick RSU Update

A little more at Vesting

The RSU vested on December 1st and came in a little higher than the $3300 that I calculated.  I had based the number of shares to be held for taxes on the previous cycle.  However, this time around the stock price was lower so they didn’t hold as many shares.

Total gain after the sale was around $3700.

Divvy it Up

I kept the allocation that I had build based on the previous estimate and used the extra for debt payoff:

  • $3000 went towards outstanding debt including the remaining $1550 balance from the Vet bill.
  • $500 went into my individual brokerage account at Personal Capital.
  • $200 will go towards a family outing for the holidays
Back on Track

This puts the current debt reduction projection for the year back up to 10.65%.  Barring anything unexpected happening, I believe we will meet the 10% goal for the year.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be setting up my spreadsheets for next years cash flow and debt reduction projections.  I’ve already started jotting down a few new goals that I want to add for 2016.



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